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Front-end development, digital design & UI/UX interactions,
I design and code beautifully simple things, and I love what I do.


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Hi, my name is
Jaroslaw Narkiewicz

I am a front-end developer and digital designer, based in Europe.
I believe in the importance of aesthetics, simplicity and effective design.

"In each project I pay huge attention to detail. I try to incorporate a little personality
in to each piece. I feel that the world around us is very diverse like every person.
I try to make each project as unique as my costumer is."


Currently, I'm working in the e-commerce company.
Where I collaborate with a team to develop new features,
coding layouts, fixing web bugs, and exploring the PHP
Symfony framework and SQL Database.
I'm interested in all kinds of web architecture,
but my major focus is on front-end development.
"My favorite aspect in coding is bringing design to life and develop code from scratch or working on the existing
codebase to achieve amazing user interface, animations, and creating intuitive, dynamic user experiences.

King William Fetch 365Tickets MagpieMagpie Symfony 5

King William Gin is proudly made in England, in a small batch distillery using traditional
artisan techniques. We spent nearly a year working with a master distiller to create
a London Dry Gin that King William himself would have been proud of.
Work: web design and development
Very early on, prior to COVID-19 being named a pandemic by WHO,
I was involved to build and re-design fetch.je website. After successful feedback
from the local community, the project has been bought by Jersey Post Office.

Fetch support businesses so that they may continue trading and so that customers
can continue to access the items needed for their personal wellbeing.
Work: web design and development
We were the originators of Print-n-Go! (print-at-home) ticketing back in 1999
and with well over five million tickets sold, we are committed to the continued
development of state-of-the-art technology to deliver a quick and
secure online booking experience to customers.
Role: Front-end developer and designer
A new blog for Sarah, she is a talented girl from Ireland living in Jersey.
After graduating LSAD where she studied Fine Art Printmaking
she decided to move towards jewellery and makeup.
Work: digital design and web development
I'm working on my web application by using PHP Symfony Framework and MySQL.
App is built from scratch and is connected with GIT repository on BitBucket.
I use this project as my base to explore PHP and Database.
Work: Digital design and web development


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